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We are strong, reliable and curious -
Ready, to revolutionize the education industry with AI!

Our team of software developers is committed to providing high-quality solutions. We carefully select each team member and provide ongoing training to ensure that we consistently deliver exceptional results. We understand that effective project management is the key to a great customer experience and happy team members. We strive to create an environment that enables growth and excellence.


Our three promises.

We are strong

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What does "strong" mean in the context of software development?

Strength means delivering excellent results. Society today is performance oriented - no one would pay for an apple if they only got a grape. We want to create new value with every developer hour we sell to our clients. Our results are always based on the latest software development standards and create new value for the end user. We will always go the extra mile: If you buy an apple from us, you get a fresh watermelon.

How do we live out this value in our company?

As a software service provider, our company consists only of the software developers and the roof or framework of the Titanom organisation. This means that every employee must live out the value of strength so that we can sell it as a company. The realisation of this of course starts with the application and can always be targeted as a goal during the daily work. However, the real strength comes from our team. Our goal is to create positive synergies when working together. Through effective team building, we keep motivation as well as the benchmark for results very high. Through exemplary leadership and real friendships, we exceed our own bar.

How do you notice the difference as a customer?

At the beginning, not at all. Every good software service provider puts great effort into the first project, sells it cheap and tries to make the client completely happy - that's a normal part of the business. However, true strength is shown when you have already successfully completed a few projects and the client becomes increasingly dependent on his suppliers. We remain loyal to our values in this respect - from the first to the last developer hour we sell, we act according to the identical maxim: "WinWin or no deal!". This applies to you as a customer, but also to us as a supplier.

We are reliable

The first type of reliability.

From our point of view, the value of reliability can be divided into two areas - traditional reliability in the sense of trust and emotional reliability in the sense of relationship. Both are closely linked to each other. We want our customers to be able to trust us. If we make a commitment, it will be delivered - we will take over the responsibility. Because of this value, we have the confidence to develop software at fixed prices.

The second type of reliability.

Furthermore, reliability means that we build more than a cold communication interface consisting of requirements and results to our clients. We always strive to be in close contact and build a long-lasting relationship. By physically working together, we are able to understand the real needs, feel sensitivities and make unspoken wishes come true.

The crucial advantage compared to offshore outsourcing companies.

In theory, the tasks in every company are specified in a clearly defined structure and can be processed by a machine. In reality, however, you do business with people and not with machines - with all the advantages and disadvantages. Due to the fact that we often see our clients in person, speak the same language and usually have a similar cultural background, we can properly live out the cooperation on a person-to-person level. In this way, the focus is not on the cooperation between client and contractor, but on the conglomerate of singular, individual people.

We are curious

How curiosity changes the traditional ways of working.

What does curiosity mean? Curiosity is the desire of discovering something new. Curiosity means not getting stuck in well-known structures but always looking for new approaches, solutions and challenges. Curiosity is not being afraid of failure, but being afraid of becoming outdated. It is curiosity that motivates us to create real value for our clients. We do not necessarily push our clients into an established framework, but explore the individual problem with curiosity and enthusiasm. Through this approach, we always find the right solution - without fear of the unknown. We are only then in a position to actually meet your requirements.

The value that makes Titanom Technologies GmbH unique.

Working with us is not easy. As mentioned before, we are passionate about understanding every assignment down to its core - the added value for the end user. During this process, we have no hesitation in asking questions and making our own suggestions - even though it would often be more comfortable for us to simply do what we are being told. Only when we can understand the purpose of each development hour we start coding. This is the only way we are able to meet our own performance standards and to inspire the end user with our results. And that is our promise.

The next step.

Do you like what you have seen so far? We look forward to your contact request and a non-binding first appointment. We would love to talk to you about your problems and wishes. It is our goal to have an open discourse about the opportunities of software and to help you get a clear impression of what is possible. After all, a project can only be successful if you have a detailed insight into software development - and successful projects are both our passion and the core of our business.

The founders.



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First collaboration at Siemens

Mikhail and Andrija met in a R&D department of Siemens AG, bonding over their shared passion for coding and forming a friendship. They worked on multiple projects together and were able to achieve notable results as a team.



Further development of our core competences

Following the closure of the R&D department at Siemens, Mikhail and Andrija remained in contact but pursued separate professional paths. Mikhail worked as freelancer where he developed AI applications in various industries. Meanwhile, Andrija joined the R&D department at DocuWare GmbH, where he specialized in field of cloud development.



The launch of Titanom Technologies GmbH

First joint entrepreneurial activities


Andrija and Mikhail initially began working together as freelance subcontractors on various projects. Through close collaboration and effective communication, they discovered a strong compatibility and complementary skillsets. This realization led to a successful and productive partnership.

After a while Andrija and Mikhail joined forces and founded Titanom Technologies GmbH. The company is specialized in delivering success-critical software projects with a team of highly skilled developers. Its goal is to create sustainable, personalized software solutions that bring value to society.


The team.

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Jannis Morgenstern

Head of IT, Software Developer

Julian Wasmeier

Junior Software Developer

Nicolas Thiel

Junior Software Developer

Jakob Stechow

Junior Software Developer

Maximilian von Bomhard

Head of Finance, Software Developer

Felix Albert

Junior Manager

Alexander Berkov

Head of Education, Software Developer

Benno Brück

Junior Software Developer

Luka Vuksanovic

Assistant Software Developer

Leart Zuka

Junior Software Developer

Phillips Uwumarogie

Assistant Software Developer

Melanie Buonocore

Team Assistant

Moritz Dresch

Assistant Software Developer

Elisa Yue

Marketing Assistant

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